“My experience at Arknest is Great. I always know that I am received as I am brokenness and all. When my session closes I always feel at peace and ready to try again at whatever comes my way. I love that nothing is off limits to talk or work on. I totally look forward to every time I get to spend at Arknest.”

Tammy | Menomomie,WI

“From my very first visit with Ellen , I knew i would have much to gain from her and Arknest. I felt an instant connection. The atmosphere at Arknest is welcoming, peaceful and beautiful. I had many issues with I wanted to work on and Ellen helped me through each one in a variety of ways. She provided books, resources, reiki, anther expertise on mindfulness and perspective. Each visit was meaningful to me. I always felt comfortable and supported. My greatest gain from my time at Arknest is the ability to look within and find positive perspective and better understand the connection between body, mind and spirit. It’s awesome! I look forward to my next experience at Arknest.”

Heidi | Menomonie, WI

“Meeting weekly with Ellen helps me move through the rest of my week feeling more at ease. It helps me get things off my chest so I am better able to deal with my significant other and with life’s obstacles.”

Adult female CCS consumer

“I have experienced an awakening, I am learning about having tools in my tool box to help me in life. I am more curious about learning how to break the cycle of my families negative patterns. I’m learning this at Arknest.”

Adult male CCS consumer

“‘I’m finding closure to my past, happiness, trusting, Ellen provides a safe caring space, it’s relaxing. Its not like an ordinary appointment. There’s no waiting room, no hassle, not a traditional appointment, it feels right.”

16 year old male  CCS consumer

“As soon as you step foot into the building you get a feeling of security, love,safeness. Arknest is a place that shows true kindness. At the end of each session you feel like “You” again. You feel loves, you feel like you matter. Arknest is truly a wonderful place.”

Len Stacy  CCS consumer

“I feel happy and it’s fun. Favorite part is receiving Reiki.  Mom says “ I love how he is taught skills to use in everyday life and that he is loved for who he is and how he has been made.”                         

10 year old male

“Ellen has been a wonderful resource for my autistic son as well as our whole family. I was looking for a therapy  that would help with his anxiety in a natural way, and offer him someone that he could talk to besides mom and dad.”


“I have a teenage son with special needs that attends Arknest on a weekly basis. Ellen uses a variety of techniques for calming my son such as massage and breathing techniques. When he is done with a session, he always feels relaxed. Ellen has done an amazing job with him as she has given my son tools to use calming strategies at school and daily living. I would highly recommend Arknest to a child who has ADHD/ Autism.”


“Our family is so fortunate to have found Ellen and Arknest. Not only does she help our special   needs son deal with school and personal issues, she has also earned his trust. He even asks me when things have come up at school whether or not I have emailed Ellen to help him figure out a solution and help him figure it all out. He knows she is his friend. It is such a relief as a parent to have someone who can help your child when you can’t.”


“I enjoy going to Arknest. It helps me get rid of my stress in different situations. “Don’t Give Up” is one of my favorite books that Ellen reads to me. We work on yoga and breathing exercises and also massages. One of my favorite things to do is sharing stories about things that go on in my  life.”

13 year old female


My visits to Arknest have been very fulfilling. Ellen has taken the time to meet my needs and expectations on all levels. I was looking for an uplifting environment that would enable me to grow emotionally, spiritually and physically. She has guided me to be a better parent and person by helping me express my feelings and thoughts throughout my journey. Ellen has given me many tools to crate a new outcome for my future. I would recommend Arknest to anyone looking for help, guidance or new insight.

Terri Menomonie, WI.