About Ellen


BA Elementary Education and Special Education
Therapeutic Life Coach
Reiki Master
Practitioner of NLP


People describe me as easy to talk with, trustworthy, compassionate and understanding. Although I am humbled by these attributes, I am grateful that I have been trained in various healing modalities where these gifts truly enhance my therapeutic work. I learned the meaning of “healer heal thy self” when I began my schooling in the healing arts. I soon realized I was gathering “tools” for my own actualization that in turn led me to fulfill my life long vision of facilitating the emotional and spiritual well being of others. How the universe has orchestrated this continues to amaze me!

Grace continues to lead and I continue to open up to her and follow.  It is my privilege to come to know all who will pass through Arknest. I believe we are each other’s teacher. I look forward to learning what each of you will uniquely teach me and trust you will leave with what you came looking for.